Monday, 29 March 2010

NAFAS national show

Very excited i have two entries into the NAFAS national show in July....

Achievements to date

Achievements 2009

September 2009

Winner - The Dr Jackson Trophy - Class 65 (Novice) - Wellingborough & District Horticultural Society

December 2009
First - December Side Table - I Saw Three Ships (Novice) - Kettering and District Flower Club

Achievements 2010

March 2010

First - March Side Table - Reflections-Winter has Gone (Novice) - Kettering and District Flower Club

Third - March Side Table - What Easter Means to Me - Market Harborough Flower Club

Second - Class 11 - Table Arrangement - Wellingborough & District Horticultual Society

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Finally my flower entries

Finally the flower arrangements from the Spring Show last week.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Not a good year for the tulips

Well last night i attended a superb Spring show held by the Wellingborough and District Horticultural Society, and with the bad weather we had unfortunately there was not a tulip in bloom for the category. Some beautiful specimens were on show from daffs to hellebores, unfortunately I came 4th out of 4 entries there. Nothing in the photo or small basket category. However, I did get a 2nd placing in the Table Arrangements which if you take out my multiple entries was 2nd out of 5.

Unfortunately my other entries were a bit too tall and were disqualified, however were praised and admired but unfortunately when i left my pink 12 inch ruler at work and guessed the height in cms this morning i realise that 12 inches is 30 cm and not 36 as i worked out...and I got an B in my O Level maths...shame on me.

Anyway they have been put to good use, the judge has taken them to be used at an event this weekend which for me is just as good as getting placed as lots more people will see and enjoy my hard work.

Michael did take some photos but unfortunately as my laptop does not have a memory reader I am in the hands of Mr Punter to download them for me. Hopefully not too soon.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The anticipation of it all

Tomorrow night is the Wellingborough and District Horticultural Society's Spring Show, a member's only competition for which i have been eagerly waiting for since their Autumn show last September.

News is Dad and Mum have kindly been to Oundle this morning to get my flowers, so I can tonight prepare 4-5 arrangements. Now why the high volume well due to the snow, my daffs and tulips in the garden i don't think will quite be ready. I also remain optimistic that the mild weather of today and tomorrow will create a miracle by tomorrow evening, but I think there is more chance of seeing a pig fly in the sky.

Well i will publish my works of arts over the next couple of days, and let you know whether there was any success for me or not. Here is keeping everything crossed :-)

A british institution

Well if you thought the WI was all jam and jerusalem, you are mistaken. A group of 12 women from Corby last night formed the Oakley Vale WI. A lovely bunch of ladies all of varying ages from 30's upwards to more senior years arrived and showed great enthusiasm in forming our local WI.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 20th April and will be held again in the Lawson Room, Brooke Weston College (CTC).

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Day out and a bit of gardening

Went to a new garden centre called Van Hage in Peterborough today, what a fab garden centre, brought a fab orchid and a pink cordyline plant which will come in useful for flower arranging.

Also planted a vanilla and raspberry hydranga plant, can't wait to see that when it flowers and a pink pampas grass.

How exciting lots of snowdrops and bluebells coming through.

Got some herbs too so going to plant in a tiered planter tomorrow, can't wait for the aroma to come through.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

A busy day and a glass of rose.

Well what a busy day it was, now i know how tiring a florists life is on very special occasions like Mother's Day. I then got home and made two bouquets so now after delivering one of them I have eaten my cheese quarterpounder and now on my third glass of rose.

A very nice surprise my gorgeous woof brought his mummy some lovely pink flowers with a butterfly in. He is now curled up by me.

Won't be long before bed now. x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Flowers for me

Here is my gorgeous monthly bouquet from Essential England. Take a look at Rachael's site

Woof in the hoody

Here is the cutest hooded rogue you will ever find.

Mothers Day bouquet

Made for one of my work colleagues mum. Gerbera, cala lily and cool water roses.

The Creme Egg Display

This is the Creme egg display, yes i shouldn't use primary colours all together, tell that to Cadbury!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

In the middle

Well I got what I thought was a good result at the flower club last night, I came
3rd in the class "What Easter Means to Me" which for me was fantastic. There were 5 or possibly 6 designs I can't remember, no separation between a novice and professional thats why the result was great.

I am entering now the Flower Show in Market Harborough on Saturday 22nd May, entry form filled in and will be hand delivered on Saturday. Very very exciting.

The display will go on i promise by tomorrow evening, bear with me a busy week and mothers day bouquets to make.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The groomers

He came back from the groomers and welcomed me home looking like this, no wonder i love him so much.

Anemone and Thai Green Curry

An odd combination i hear you cry. Well I have been totally obsessed the past few days with chocolate easter eggs all to do with my arrangement for the Market Harborough club competition "What easter means to me" all will be revealed once the competition is over. Also with pork pie. So in an attempt to be healthy today for my lunch i have an M & S simply fuller meal Thai Green Curry it is gorgeous, sitting here eating it now.

But also I have to share with you the anemone, that looks at me every day at my desk, how beautiful you are you remind me of a victorian lady with your green ruffled leafy collar at the top of the stem.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Liz Earle

I have just ordered some of cleanse and polish from the Liz Earle range as very silly me, let mine run out...thank goodness i found a small one from my holiday kit.

If you have never experienced Liz Earle's fantastic skincare range, take a look and try it. It is the most pleasurable experience that I have ever had on my face. I now use the moisturiser, the skin tonic spritzer which is fab in summer in the heat.

Here is the link to the website

Time to relax

Well it is finally the end of the week. I had a good time working at Flowers In Style again today, and I made an arrangement and posy to sell in the shop. The arrangement is shown. Went to see Baby Konnor Heath this afternoon, what a cutie pie he is, i was fascinated by his tiny fingers and nails, he was so perfect.

Came home to a cup of tea, and my favourite viennese biccys from M & S, whilst indulging in the first episode I taped of the new series of Tori and Dean.

Michael and Watson are watching the recording of the Tottenham match from today so i am being a very tired lady of leisure lounging in bed and watching anything rubbish i can find on tv....bliss.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday - Bouquet from proud daddy to yummy mummy

Bouquet I made for our friends from daddy to mummy for bringing Konnor into the world.

The week in pictures - Wednesday

My winning novice display at the Kettering Flower Club

The week in pictures - Monday

Monday - Baby Bouquet

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Kettering and District Flower Club

Last night I won the novice category of the Club Competition with an arrangement entitled "Reflection - Winter has gone". Will post piccy as soon as downloaded them off my camera. Off to see Christine Walkden at the Lighthouse Theatre tonight.

Home Study Course

Well I have bitten the bullet and enrolled on a home study course in floristry which all being well will get me a certificate at the end of 9 months.

Monday, 1 March 2010

A nice delivery

Had some lovely news today that our friends had a baby boy this morning, have made them a lovely blue and white bouquet. Sad news my friends family had to have one of their dogs put down today, so made them a couple of hand tied posies to cheer them up. Difficult day today in many ways but friends and families good wishes helped me through, and can smell a lovely cottage pie being made in the kitchen by my wonderful boyfriend which we shall be sharing with Watson of course, and proud father Patrick this evening. :-) Will post piccys later in the week and also my entry to the Kettering Flower Club competition which i also made today....shattered.