Sunday, 28 February 2010

Like father like woof

Watson and Michael watched the recorded Tottenham match tonight so Watson donned his shirt just like his daddy..

Now to rest...

Nice day out with mum and dad today for a spot of lunch. Grim day though but at least the bulbs are poking their heads through in force now. Am cooking for tea Slow Roast Pork with black pepper topping, mashed potatoes and veg, and making a chocolate trifle....yes a Birds one, we had two left over from Christmas. I am also getting so excited as Baby Heath seems to be trying to make an entrance into the world today, must have had a sixth sense as got pressie and card get my thinking cap on for the flowers :-) Off to catch up on this weeks episode of Greys Anatomy with a latte and marshmallows, oh and a cuddle from my woof.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday job

I worked my first Saturday with Timea in her lovely shop called Flowers In Style in Market Harborough. I had a wonderful time, and some lovely people came into the shop. It is lovely to see how beautiful flowers make people smile. I am now going to have a relaxing evening with my lovely boyfriend and my woofly Watson, and Michael is going to cook me steak, chips with mushrooms and tomatoes, and we still have the wicked Devils Chocolate Cake i purchased yesterday from Gardiners Bakery in Kingsthorpe. It is so light that you don't realise how much you can consume. Have just opened my favourite strawberry and lime cider so time to relax. Sweet dreams x

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Angels and Heroes Jewellery

Angels and Heroes Jewellery click here

My friend Jayne who I have known for oh my goodness must be 15 years or more makes fab jewellery, I have several stunning pieces and cannot wait for dad to collect the latest addition for me.

The weekend ahead

Well Thursday today and one more day to go to the weekend. Busy weekend and week at work and home. Conference and workshop organisation at work, whilst my weekend starts with my new florist saturday job. Sunday probably spot of lunch with mum and dad whilst Michael is at work, then settle down with woof in the afternoon to make my arrangement for Wednesday night's March club competition theme is "Reflections - Winter has gone"....only just ha, ha. Then me and the boy are off to the X Factor Tour, flower club night for me and then mum and me are going to see Christine Walkden - plantswoman and horticulturalist talking at the Kettering Conference Centre about her way with gardening, then thankfully the weekend will be approaching with Sunday lying down in a dark room recovering from the what will be an enjoyable but hectic week.

David Austin Rose Garden Tour

Well busy busy busy, I have also organised a trip to David Austin Rose Gardens. In September the roses will be on their second bloom. One of my roses bloomed four times last year, and one was still flowering into December. We will all return home giddy from the heady scent of the roses.

Flower Workshop - 15th July 2010

Well I have been very busy the past couple of days firstly in my capacity of programme secretary for the Kettering & District Flower Club. I have one confirmed booking and one phone call to make tonight and then one last slot to fill for 2011...yes you heard it right 2011. Start 2012 in a bit!

Most exciting though is I have organised a private workshop with Sally Page who is florist, photographer and successful author of five books including "Flower Shops & Friends" & "The Flower Shop in your Garden". I already had the second aforementioned book, but in the last few days I received Flower Shops & Friends, what a fab read, read it from cover to cover before I went to bed. It follows Sally up and down the country during the course of one year, visiting a florist each month and entering the life of that florist with customers and anecdotes. It is a truly charming piece of work, with some fantastic pictures.

Anyway I have booked Sally for a private workshop in July to be held at my home and am thoroughly looking forward to it.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Brightening my day

Whatever the day brings, this is the gorgeous sight that keeps me company at my desk.


It's Monday morning and a week today is March 1st. All i can still see around me is snow and on the way to work falling snow. As I write this it is brightening up, can i ask for a glimmer of hope from the sky?

Dad started his job today, and told me there was lots of laurel shrubbery that he has to look after and trim. Em wondered knew there was a reason i was so keen for him to get the job ha ha. It will come in useful though for my competitions.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Church Flowers

Well exciting news this morning, I have had a call and I will be helping with the Easter church flowers at Great Oakley Church. I will be doing a pedestal arrangement obviously watch this space for further posts.

Watson's morning snow adventure

Watson was so fed up that he decided to go play in the snow...take a look. He even decided he could walk on water.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Winter returns

Oh dear, i really thought the snow was thawing and that was that however how wrong i was, the snow has been falling again this morning, the cars are covered and the little spring bulbs that were poking through yesterday now have a snow blanket. I hope this is the last of it, I am entering a spring show in 4 weeks and i really need my daffs and tulips to grow.

My flower journey gets more exciting, the coming week

I have returned home from a very exciting visit to a lady called Timea who owns a florist shop in Market Harborough. She is giving me the opportunity to work with her on Saturdays for a few weeks and I am very very excited. Timea is a lovely lady and her shop Flowers in Style is lovely.

Also on Tuesday I have my first meeting as a committee member of the Kettering Flower Club.

Pink is the new spring

Well the snow is thawing, and the sun is out it is a beautiful day. Spring i do find is i think the nicest time of year for flowers, here installed into the window for all to admire outside, inside, Watson from his seat are some beautiful pink hyacinths, white and dark purple tulips garnished with some pussy willow. The pink hyacinths have the most beautiful fragrance. I have also brought for my desk at work, a beautiful pink aqua rose, pink anemones and included one of those fragrant pink hyacinths, they will be in situ in a pink jug.....bliss.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Well its Sunday 14th February and yet another dreary day, but there is hope of better times ahead. I have the first snowdrops in our front and back garden. The pussy willow tree is starting to come out, and finally my hellebores are showing their pretty faces. There are crocus's and daffodils poking their heads out of the ground. As I sit here I can also see one of our two robin visitors to the garden having a look around. We have some beautiful birds visit us, I saw a chaffinch as well as the daily blue and great tits that come to steal their peanuts.


Welcome to my new blog, and follow me on my flowerscents journey.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day of love, I always wonder why it is just the one day we all make an extra special effort, and not throughout the year. Love can be one of the happiest feelings we have in life. Here is one of my valentine creations inspired by a workshop i went to at the Market Harborough flower club on Wednesday evening. I gave this one to my mum.